Real Estate ChatBots For Actionable Closing

When a potential buyer is looking to find a new home, he expects relevant answers, quick replies and 24X7 assistance. The buyer cares about someone who responds fast! Real estate agents are not only expected to answer calls promptly but also complete sale transactions, update listings, manage staff and market themselves. This sometimes makes it hard to keep up with inquiries that pop up on the website. 

However, ‘In the game of Real Estate, every lead matters.’ How do you keep up with these inquiries? How will you manage clients?

Real Estate chatbot by Botspice, can hold a conversation with your leads and prospects. AI Chatbots can converse with potential new clients and help figure out where they are in their sales journey and how you can best support their needs at any given point in time. Websites usually have a registration form that buyers are generally disinterested to fill up. Therefore,  getting information through conversations is the best way to handle clients.

What can Artificial Intelligence Chatbots do?

  • Advertise available property.

Real estate chatbots can help advertise a property that is hot selling. It can also manage the availability of rental properties. Organizing property and providing what the customer expects through a chatbot will help a customer to purchase or lease a property with greater ease and convenience. Chatbots can display pictures and videos of the property to eliminate the hassle of sharing them repeatedly over emails and social media with prospective clients.

  • Generate Leads even at non-business hours!

One of the major benefits of chatbots is their 24X7 availability. Real estate agents are often out of the office. They often rely on additional staff to answer calls and  handle emails. In such a case, there could be a lack of consistency in answers or non-availability after office hours. Data shows us that almost 78% of buyers stick with the agent who answers them first. Business chatbots never take a break and can support multiple clients at the same time. By using real estate chatbots, agents can connect with prospects and continually engage them in the real estate sales process.

  • Log conversation data and understand prospects through an analytics dashboard.

To attract renters and buyers, agents must be able to provide in-demand properties to meet the expectations and budget of the customer.An agent must be well versed with the local real estate market as well in finding properties that match customer requirements. A fair amount of research is required that includes listing competitors, studying client demographics, searching local council, etc. An easy way to gather this information would be by launching a chatbot. Chatbots can collect information through multiple clients and help determine the target audience. Data gathered can also show which property is most searched for in the desired location and the client’s budget requirements. This information is crucial to tailor listings to better suit client’s needs.

  • Provide an interactive sales experience

Chatbots can provide clients with pictures and videos of properties that they are interested in by providing a clear picture of what they can expect to see before scheduling a property visit. This helps develop an interactive sales experience and improve conversion rates.

In Conclusion

A real estate chatbot will never be able to replace a steely determined agent. However, an agent can deploy chatbots to concentrate better on building relationships with customers directly. If your company is a sole agent or a team, a chatbot will give you and your team a headstart in attracting clients and managing them strategically to increase conversion rates. Botspice provides you with ready access to 

NLP tools and technologies  to design and train  own Digital Assistant. 

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