10 Best Hotel Industry Software For Your Business Growth

Your business efficiency can increase several folds if you use hotel management software. The
hospitality industry is more about automation with easy check-in and check-out option. Software
tool for the hotel industry helps you automate the whole system. You will open up your hospitality
business to many opportunities and with the right blend of managing expectations and offering
amenities, you can be on top of your game, in no time. AI-powered hotel automation software like
BotSpice is available at your fingertip. You have other options too that will solve specific problems
faced by hotel industry. All you need to do is to select the right one.

Here is a list of such software that you can use.


Hotelogix is one of the top cloud-integrated hotel management software
available in the market. The software is used by hoteliers in over 100 countries due to its easy
interface and utility. The software comes in nine languages to suit your need. Hotelogix is a
hospitality software that tackles end to end needs of the people in the hotel business. The
seamless technology of the tool makes it easy to understand the day-round need of the
system and also keeps track of the activities done in the hotel. It can also be used in service
apartments, rentals, and B&B services. The best part about the software is that it offers
single-window operation and can be operated both online and offline. It is ranked as one of
the top Ai-based software in hotel industry.

Little Hotelier

As the name suggest this is meant for hotel businesses that are not huge as
yet. However, with Little Hotelier, you can tackle the daily needs of managing your business
systematically. You can attract more guests, manage your property well, and can also
maintain your website with the best hotel software. You can also convert leads to actual
sales. The app is a great option if you are thinking of growing your business to a new level.
The app can be downloaded on your mobile and you can use it on the go. If you own a small
property and want to manage it through your staff while being away for some time, you can
give it a try.


BotSpice is a trendy and new Ai-based hotel industry software that helps the
hotelier run their business well. It is the only software designed to enhanced customer
experience multifold.The software is meant to automate hotel work by 80%. It reduces
operational cost, and it is also a marketing tool that allows you to showcase your business.
Customers can put their feedback on the app, and you immediately improve on your services.
You don’t even need to download any app to manage booking services and more.

Benefits of using BotSpice:

  • BotSpice has an NLP function integrated in its very root. It has its own brain that will
    make add some suave and sass to your workbase. Your hotel customers will feel
    enthralled and a human touch while booking your services.
  • In order to run your hotel business successfully, you need a human resource team
    automated by BotSpice. The webapp manages your staff well and help in upskilling
  • Making schedules and starting communication is another advantage of the software.
  • BotSpice comes with an AI powered customer support. The chatbot in the software can
    help you solve questions of your customers and deal with issues, on the spot.
    With BotSpice, you are inching closer to digitization of your business. You can draw data,
    determine a trend and do much more with the software.
  • The conversational AI-based engine is meant to solve query of your customers as well as
    the employees.


innRoad is an app loved by all. Thousands of hotel businesses trust this app and
make it easy to operate a business. You can boost your revenue by increasing occupancy with
this app. The software uses SaaS (Software as a service) to integrate property management,
handle finances and do much more. innRoad has a credit card processing system that helps
customers pay their bills directly to the hotel. Many of the users reported an increase in rate
and occupancy after using this magnificent tool. There is no hidden cost after you download
this app. Additionally, the app is mobile optimized, have surge alerts, performance report,
and much more that will let your business grow seamlessly. The award-winning hotel
management software releases new features now and then to keep you updated.

HMS by HotelRunner

HMS by HotelRunner is one of those apps with a 100% satisfaction
rate. You get to know everything about your hotel operation through this app. You can keep a
track of booking, cancellation, occupancy, surge, and tasks carried out by your staff. It is a
simple solution at your fingertip, and you have to pay a minimum amount to use this app.
HotelRunner is a cloud-based management and marketing tool for your hotel businesses that
needs the least intervention. You need to set your parameters and the app will work
seamlessly to provide you with all the updates. It is also a marketplace for tourism and the
possibility is that people searching for tourism in your area come to know about your hotel.
The occupancy will increase, and you will get a better result out of your business.

eZeee Absolute

eZee has a front desk management system and there is eZee absolute. It is
an absolute system for managing all your hotel-related work. It is one of the best hotel
management software in the market with the point of sales integrated. You can manage and
oversee more than one property on the same interface. The guest data is managed
discretely, and sensitive information is stored in a way that nobody else can access. The
software is best for hoteliers who don’t want a fully automated system but want to reap
some benefit of the new age app-based hotel automation process. You can try this app for
your hotel and will be definitely get benefited from it.


If you are looking for AI-based software, you can also check out HotelKit. It is a
portal for the hotel staff and can be very efficient in managing internal communication. The
software connects employees of the hotel in a single platform and offers them a day-to-day
report and task management forum. While the employees are in sync, the hotel performs
better. You can release a new update or notice for the employees. This will eventually
improve the experience of your guests as the staff will be able to manage work better. More
than 2000 international hotels use this software. The quality is great, and it can serve your
day-to-day hotel needs.


Hoteliga brands itself as hotel management and service apartment management
hotel automation app. The surface is user-friendly, and you can go through their YouTube
video to understand the app properly. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, and
desktops. The app is a PMS-based system that improved communication between employees
and allows the manager to keep track of the hotel activities like reservations, revenue
control, and much more. The app comes with multi-currency support so that it can be used at an international level. You can collaborate with online travel and booking platforms as well to get more customer attention.

FCS cosmoPMS

FCS CosmoPMS comes with a lot of features. The seamless transfer of data
to make the reservation process smooth is an additional benefit of having this app. The app
comes with a free trial and if you are satisfied with the result, you can subscribe to it. You can
add several users to the app and assign a role to each user. You can customize your guest
forms and consolidate details of your guests in a single platform. You can also check the past
and future preferences of your guests on the platform. Apart from dealing with guests, you
can automate your housekeeping option through this app. You would never have your guests
waiting for the housekeeping service. This will boost your image and business. You can always
run a report at the end of the week or every month to check the progress.


CloudBeds is your answer to all hotel management hues. It is one of the best
hotel automation software available today that integrates management suit. You can take
care of the facilities like room assignment, reservation management, accounting,
housekeeping, and much more. CloudBeds is best for hotels, bed and breakfast joints, inns,
and rentals. The automated system of the software allows you to navigate through all works
meant for the hotel industry. It has simplified the work of many applications in one. the
cloud-based software is used by more than 20,000 hotel industries. It includes a leading
channel manager and a powerful PMS. The software can be integrated into high-level travel
sites. It is rated one of the topmost preferred tools in the hotel and hospitality industry.


I cannot stress more the effectiveness of staff management software. Your hotel
staff runs your business, and you want them to be efficient and dedicated to their work.
Tracktik is a simple software that can help you keep track of the people that work in your
hotel. The software connects your back-office business to your front office operation, making
the day-to-day work, even more efficient. The software can be installed and operated from
your android and iOS devices, and you can also set it up on your desktop. The AI-powered
tool is efficient in tracking the activities of your staff members while letting them know their
responsibilities. You will get all sorts of help regarding installing and using your software.
Download the suitable version from the app store.

While the apps mentioned above will solve some problem or other for the hotel industry, there is
one software that is trending right now, Botspice, It has all the good things about the hotel industry
software with additional benefits like enriched customer experience which is key to success in
hospitality industry.

With the change in expectations of customers, it is mandatory to use hotel automation software
tools for the hotel industry. Many big businesses have already upgraded their system to Ai-based
software that make it easy to manage a big business. the 10 apps mentioned in this blog can help
you automate your hotel management and yield much more from your property. While there are
many more such apps available online, these are selected based on their review. You can always
download a trial version of the app and check if it suits your business or not. You can also choose the
best hotel software that has a lower commitment period. So, keep upgrading and keep providing
your guests with the best hotel experience.

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