An Innovative Hotel Solution For Guest Engagement, Upscaling Your Business And Manage HR Processes

With BotSpice hotels can automate most of their operations, bridging the gap between operational expenses and providing value to their guests.

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Plug & Play Integrations

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Hotel's Virtual Assistant

Gain competitive advantage by leveraging BotSpice to automate your hotel’s process, as well as providing a conversation interface for more personalized customer service.

BotSpice allows hotels to leverage their personal knowledge base and make it accessible to everyone – from a chatbot on the website to an in-room assistant. This way you can offer your guests personalized service without having to increase staffing numbers.

Virtual Concierge​
In Room Services
Automate New Employee Induction

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Designed For The New Normal

Registering new guests or learning about previous history regarding hygiene and submitting health declaration forms and email declaration to government or stakeholders are some of the processes made easier with our collection of online form.

Contactless Check-in​
Health Declaration Form
Virtual Room Finder
Client Hygiene Awareness
Contactless Check-out

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Guest Experience Enhancement

BotSpice is an automated guest care assistant that helps hotels communicate with guests better, faster and easier.

A single chatbot can handle all your customer service needs – from booking confirmations to answering FAQs, Botspice will do it all.

Pre-arrival Request & Query​
Support Guest in Their Preferred Language
Digital Menu & Food Ordering/Tracking
24*7 Customer Care Service

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Fast Check-in/out Procedure

The Botspice team is developing the next generation AI-enabled conversational applications for the hospitality industry.

Guest check in check out procedure is made easy, fast and automated by implementing Botspice in hotel

Botspice offers a simple, fast and efficient way to save time and money for hotels, restaurants and venues by automating their guest check-in and check-out procedure with AI powered chatbots.

Pre-arrival Email​
Virtual Room Tour
Digitize Check-in & ID Submission
Health Declaration Emails
Contactless Check-out

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Automate HR Processes​

The best way to find your next hire or train the existing ones is by implementing our conversational AI solutions in your company’s website which will automatically match the right candidates to the right vacancies or train and upskill your staff. It will also allow you to communicate with potential hires in a more effective way.

Automate Recruitment & Hiring​
Automate New Employee Onboarding
Automate New Employee Induction
Engage your guest in their languages
Upskill & Train as per your Hotel standards
Employee feedback surveys & more

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Marketing Support

Botspice’s conversational AI is designed to automate marketing tasks of your hotel. It will handle your reservation requests, lead generation, and potential customers’ inquiries.

Never miss a single guest again with BotSpice.

It notifies when there are new guests coming in, calculates their arrival time and arrival information. It also coordinates with staff for the best service standards for each guest.

Botspice is a hotel conversational AI software that can help you improve your hotel’s productivity by 20% or more.

Upsell Room
Promote Services
Notify Offers & Discounts
Generate Leads
Nurture Leads

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Omnichannel Capabilities

Omnichannel ability to enable transfer to other channels if needed, thus reducing costs and providing a seamless customer experience


NLP Engine

BotSpice's NLP engine can understand the context of customer interactions. It uses deep learning models to build a knowledge base from structured and unstructured data.


Audit Trail

Extensive audit logs of all the user activity on the chatbot are maintained. Use these audit logs to prevent suspicious activity, compliance, training, and monitoring.


Role-based access control

Give access to your team members based on their roles and assign privileges according to their department or business unit.



BotSpice Chatbot supports multiple languages. It takes care of the languages in which your customers converse and responds to them in their own language.



Use BotSpice Chatbot to represent your own brand. Customize the sound notifications, bot name and other functionalities as per your business needs


Contextual Conversations

Craft personalized, proactive & intuitive conversations with customers with a robust and secure cloud communication platform


Zero-Code API Integration

You can easily integrate APIs in BotSpice ChatBot and make amazing chatbots fast and easy.



Chatbot can transfer Complex conversations to a live agent without losing the context.


Reporting and Analytics

Advanced Reports and Analytics for you to analyse how the users interact with the bot, and optimize the user journeys accordingly.

Why is BotSpice different?

Customer Engagement Expertise

5+ years experience to help consumer-facing brands streamline and improve their customer engagement across various channels.

Seamless Integrations

Automate end-to-end support & service workflows using deep integration of BotSpice chatbot solutions.

Flexibility and Control

BotSpice lets you create your own rules, configure your dashboards and reports, manage your business prompts, and a lot more.


Plans and pricing

Our pricing scales with you and your needs. Try it for free. No credit card required.



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  • User Conversation History
  • Multimedia Conversation (per month) 4000
  • AI Conversation (per month) 1000
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  • Everything in Base
  • Publish to Website
  • User Analytics
  • Open Text AI Validation
  • Multimedia Conversation (per month) 15000
  • AI Conversation (per month) 2000


Create Custom Plan as per your need.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I integrate my enterprise software with BotSpice?

You can easily integrate APIs in BotSpice ChatBot and make amazing chatbots fast and easy.

If I add multiple users to BotSpice, do I have to pay for their accounts?

Yes, BotSpice charges you on per user per month basis.

What perks do I get for prepaying my subscription on annual basis?

For an annual subscription we offer additional 10% discount to our customers.

Can I install BotSpice on my own hardware?

Since BotSpice is a cloud based software, there is no need of additional hardware. All you need is an internet connection.

How can I obtain a copy of my data?

BotSpice enables you to view your data in your dashboard and export it to desired formats like CSV, etc.

How safe is my data?

Our servers are highly secure and reliable. Moreover we use standard encrytion servics to kep user data protected.

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