10 Most Useful Tools for Hotels For Business Growth

Technology is taking over the hospitality industry by storm. In this cutting-edge competition, the difference between you and your contender is as good as your marketing strategy and technological advancement. To float above the crowd, you need to be razor sharp in your marketing approach, and technically smart to leverage the latest tools and software created for your business. From hotel management to content management and chatbots, technology can make it easy to operate any part of the business with minimum error. Check out some of the technologies that are widely in use for and optimizing your business.

The official website is a must

In hospitality, visibility on the web plays a major role. A hotel with a website that is easy to navigate and incorporates a booking engine is highly preferred over a simple one. The company can showcase the amenities of the room and the hotel overall, through a proper website. A booking engine adds value to the whole system. It is possible to record feedback from the customers in the system and build valuable data that can be used later. An official website with a web app from BotSpice will make it even easier for the customers to navigate through. BotSpice offers a host of services like offering a virtual room tour, addressing pre-arrival requests and queries, contactless check-in and check-out, and many more crucial functions without the possibility of human error.

Have a chatbot to take care of communication

As we talk about the chatbot, it is important to understand how far it can replace human conversation. A chatbot can answer regular questions of the clients and help them book a room. It can answer the FAQs regarding booking and more and can help the guest guide through the navigation of the website. Incorporating a chatbot from BotSpice will make people feel comfortable while sharing their concerns in their own language. It is quite human-like, and the guests feel informed. A chatbot is meant for 24/7 service without the need for an operator.

Analytical tool to dig deeper

There are several kinds of analysis a hotel industry needs. Customer data analysis, marketing strategy analysis, hotel pricing data study, and much more can help a hotel business understand the needs and attractions of their clients. It can drastically improve the business by offering the best amenities and laying out the right marketing mechanism. Analytical tools available online can not only track the day-to-day records of the hotel but can also record data of the customers to offer them a better deal when they come back. The hotel management can automatically roll out offers through these analytics-based apps to attract more guests and repeat old customers. The analytical tools can also help in demand forecasting and managing hotel booking channels.

Use social media tools

Connecting with the probable client is the major aim of the hotel business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media tools can be used to optimize the business. It is possible to roll out new offers, get direct feedback from the customers and solve problems with social media. A hotel with a social media presence is preferred way more than any other property. Let people tag your hotel and introduce cool hashtags to make it even more popular for future clients. Leverage the social media tools and be wherever and whenever your guests are searching for your services.

Use Google my business

The hotel needs to appear in the Google local search result. Google my business is a free app that can be installed on the hotel website. It improves the SEO response, and the hotel is prominently displayed in the search result. The details of the hotel like phone no., picture, location, and reviews are easily accessible by the user. It will add value to the hotel with some minor effort. The guests will be engaged with the hotel and that would create further scope of business. Hoteliers can also use the help of google analytics for their website to understand the channel and type of footprints they are receiving on their website.

Have a task management tool

Technology has taken over the hotel industry by storm. Hotels that are not using it are lagging a step behind. While technology is there in every nook and corner, why not use it for task management. There are software for task management in the hotel and the best part is they can be installed and controlled remotely on a phone. It can assign tasks to the staff, check if the task is completed on time and evaluate results and provide feedback. The process can be easily automated in big infrastructure.

PMS is a must

A property management system is a basic need of a hotel. The cloud-based system is a sales tool for the hotels that helps the organization have more visibility. PMS software includes different operations of the hotel including front desk, POS, hotel reservation, and managing events in a hotel. It is a one-stop solution for all hotel-related works and some companies offer this tool with special features. Apart from handling the jobs mentioned it can also take care of housekeeping management, channel management, payment gateways, and more. it can be easily operated by a smart hotelier from a laptop or mobile. The hotel sales tool is one of the first choices of hoteliers across the globe.

Amenities management tool

How many times do guests lose their hotel keys and ask the front desk for a replacement? Front desk executives spend a whole lot of time, solving problems related to keys. Either the card key gets damaged, or the guest loses the key and you have to provide a duplicate one. With a smart app, it is possible to install the key to the smartphone of the guest. No keys lost, no time wasted. Smart technology enables you to manage amenities and save electricity. Install appliances with a built-in sensor that will automatically shut down if they sense no one is there in the room. If your guests are ready to download an app for the keys, they will automatically agree to download the app for services and feedback. BotSpice is a leader in the web app segment that allows the client to use their smart gadgets to switch on and off the devices, share menus, take orders, track orders, book laundry, and perform a multitude of functions fast and error-free.

Email tracking tool

Email marketing is one of the most sophisticated forms of marketing communication. Hundreds of emails are sent every day to ensure booking, agent communication, rental services, and much more. It is of utmost importance to track every email received and track communication to run the operation, smoothly. Customers will appreciate it if they receive acknowledgment of their email and get a reply within 24 hours. Email tracking tools will help you do it smoothly without appointing a lot of people to manually check everything. An email tracking tool will also let you know if the mail is delivered in the spam folder of the person or if it has been read. The simple tool helps in extending the conversation and taking action wherever required.

A survey tool goes a long way

The hospitality industry is based on customer reviews. An in-depth review can help a hotelier understand the strength and faults of the services. There are survey tools available on the web that can be used to get an honest review of the services and amenities. Instead of knocking on doors and asking for feedback, you can ask your guests to click on a link or download an app that does not only help them submit their feedback but also help in other prospects of the stay. The survey results will help the hotelier improve their services, offer better deals to the customers, and more. A proper marketing strategy can be developed based on the survey result. You can also offer an incentive to participate in the survey like a discount on the next stay or anything else.

Introduce BotSpice to Change your hotel business game

In marketing, technology, finance, and analytics, BotSpice has more features than anyone can ask for. It reduces your effort in running the business while delivering accurate data to dig deeper into the performance of the hotel. With proper analysis of data, it is possible to design future strategies to make the hotel perform even better. The authority gets notified every time someone shows interest in the hotel. The need for human staff is reduced to the minimum with BotSpice and the outcome is impressive with significant cost-cutting. It can also provide a virtual tour to the client based on his or her requirement making it easier to go forward with the booking. With BotSpice, businesses are one step ahead in the game in the hotel sector.

The hotel industry and the hospitality sector are getting smarter every day. With new technology being incorporated into the business, hotels can think of getting the best rates for the season and aim toward gradual expansion. With all the hotels becoming efficient with modern-day technology, it is irrational to not be adaptable. To outshine your competition and engage your prospective guests, climb on the bandwagon before your rival gets a chance.

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