10 Engaging WhatsApp Automation Message Templates for Shopify and Woocommerce

When a customer messages a company, WhatsApp enables the company to communicate with the customer through any kind of communication for up to 24 hours following the customer’s last message. If you want to start a discussion with the users after this 24-hour window has passed or if you want to send a WhatsApp Template Message, WhatsApp must first approve it. To prevent businesses from spamming WhatsApp users, templates were implemented. WhatsApp template messages can include promotional messages, announcements of new products, monthly newsletters, alerts about abandoned carts, holiday greetings, and much more.

Benefits of using WhatsApp for ecommerce

WhatsApp is very useful for ecommerce as much as it is for regular businesses as it is a tool for one-to-one and group texting that can help you to connect with your target audience instantly. The most widely used messaging program in the world, owned by Meta, has over 2 billion users as of June 2022. It is primarily used for private communicationns, but businesses are starting to recognise its marketing advantages, including:

Simple entree to a crowd

Users of WhatsApp typically have notifications enabled, making it possible for companies to reach them right away.

Easy to use browsing

Users can look up businesses by name and phone number, making it easier for customers to locate and get in touch with a business.

There is no word limit

WhatsApp does not have any of the character restrictions that SMS messaging does.

Possibility of developing a business image that promotes company credibility.

List of WhatsApp automation templates

There are a large number of WhatsApp automation templates floating around online. These templates can be downloaded and saved so that you can use them on WhatsApp and the best part is that many of these templates are also available with the script written and you only have to modify it with the name of your company, products, and services. Even emojis and other interesting titbits are added to the messages to make them more interesting considering the message that is being sent. Let us look at the 10 most used and important templates available for businesses that want to use WhatsApp to connect with their customers.

Account update notification

Explanation of account update notification

It becomes very easy to inform your customers through WhatsApp that their account has been created and now they can make changes to their account like adding a picture, changing the password, or updating their contact information.

Importance of account update notification

This is important because the communication with the customers can be confusing otherwise. For instance if the customer has moved to a new home, they need to inform you regarding this and this process becomes hassle free through this template.

Example of WhatsApp message template for account update notification


First name of customer

You have now enabled whatsApp notifications for your account which include – notifications about new leads, getting follow-up reminders, contact your support team directly on whatsapp for any issue.

Abandoned cart reminder

Explanation of abandoned cart reminder

Many customers add items from your ecommerce store to their carts, but forget to make the purchase or change their mind about the product.

Importance of abandoned cart reminders

Such abandoned carts can be a hindrance for you because the item in the cart is held up for an indefinite period of time. They cannot be bought by any other customer and you need to hold them till the time that the first customer takes an action.

Example WhatsApp message templates for abandoned cart reminders

Hi First Name,

The black dungarees that you chose is waiting for you in your cart. We don’t want you to miss out on the lovely dungaree. So here is a link to check out the order in your cart and place the order.

Order confirmation

Explanation of order confirmation messages

Sending your customers an order confirmation message will make them feel important. At the same time, it is also business etiquette to inform the customer that you will soon be sending them their product.

Importance of order confirmation messages

When a customer places an order on your ecommerce (shopify or woocommerce included), they are anxious to know if their order placement has gone right. They will know that they are sure to receive the product they ordered.

Example WhatsApp message templates for order confirmation

Hi First name,

You have successfully placed an order for a melamine dinner set in blue floral print. You will receive the set within a week.

Shipping notification

Explanation of shipping notification message

When a customer places an order on shopify or woocommerce along with other ecommerce websites, they want to know the status of their order. Hence when you ship the order it is a good idea to send a notification message to the customer.

Importance of shipping notification message

If you send a shipping notification message to a customer who has placed an order, they will remember to be at the delivery address on the day when the delivery is expected. Hence it is important to send a shipping notification message which will also inform the customer whether they will get it in time for any special occasion that they have in mind.

Example WhatsApp message template for shipping notification

Hi First Name,

Your order for an 18 carat gold ring has been shipped on March 21, 2023 and you will receive it within 5 working days.

Upsell and Cross sell messages

Explanation of upsell and cross sell messages

Upsell and cross sell message templates are especially useful if you want to boost sales and encourage your customers to buy more from your business. These messages are usually about products or services that blend well with the one that they have bought earlier.

Importance of cross sell messages

Upsell and cross messages are important if you want your customers to become loyal to you. This essentially means that if they have bought a pair of trousers from you, you can encourage them to buy some good tops from you.

Example WhatsApp message templates for upsell and cross sell messages

Hi first Name,

We hope you loved the trousers that you bought from us. We have some great cotton tops in stock which will go well with your trousers. You will definitely love them and they will help you to rock your look!

In fact there is a great deal with 20% off on all these tops only for those who bought the trousers that you bought.

Loyalty and reward messages

Explanation of loyalty and rewards messages

If your customers have been with you for a long time, then even if they make small amount purchases, it is necessary to acknowledge their loyalty to your brand. At the same time, rewards on certain amount of purchases has become one of the best and most popular method to attract new customers along with keeping the previous ones loyal to you.

Importance of loyalty and rewards messages

Loyalty and rewards messages are such that they boost the customer’s confidence in your brand. They feel that you definitely appreciate them and are ready to provide them benefits for this loyalty. This will keep your customers loyal to you and they will also act as brand ambassadors for your business providing you free word of mouth publicity.

Examples of WhatsApp message templates for loyalty and rewards messages

Hi First Name,

We hope you are happy with the products that you have bought from us. We appreciate the business that you have given us and hope that our relation will only get stronger with the latest deals and discount offers for our loyal customers on the latest stock of dinner sets, kitchen appliances and kids’ garments.

Product recommendation

Explanation of product recommendation messages

Needless to say shopify and Woocommerce cater to a large range of consumers and they have many items in different categories. With the help of AI powered tools they are able to discern the tastes and preferences of their regular customers, and in fact they also keep a track of the last item that they purchased. Based on this the ecommerce sites can provide recommendations to the customers for the items that they can now buy to complement their earlier purchases.

Importance of product recommendation messages

Product recommendation messages increase the customer loyalty and keep them engaged. You should personalize the messages that you send to them and make them realise that you value the business they give you.

Examples of WhatsApp message templates for product recommendation

Hi First Name,

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest stock of handbags. We have noticed that you enjoy shopping from our fashion accessories collection and hence based on your previous purchases you can choose a couple or more of handbags from our new collection.

Back-in-stock notifications

Explanation of back in stock notification messages

Many times it happens that the product that a customer wants is not in stock currently. However, when you replenish your stocks you get a notification from your ecommerce AI powered system that a specific customer was looking for an item which was out of stock.

You should add the ability into your AI software which enables you to send automated messages when the item is back in stock.

Importance of back in stock notification messages

If the customer does not get the thing that they want at the time they browse your website, it is important to inform them as soon as it is available. Usually customers get hooked to a particular item and don’t want any small changes also. So if you do not inform them of the item being available, they will simply go to your competitors looking for the same item and may have to compromise. However, if they come to know that you have the exact product that they wanted then they will be loyal to your brand.

Examples of WhatsApp message templates for back in stock notifications

Hi First Name,

Don’t let this go again! Premium headphones are finally back in stock with discount, limited quantities available, grab them before they are gone again.

Review request messages

Explanation of review request messages

Sending your existing customers a WhatsApp message asking for their views is a comparatively non-intrusive method to get their opinion. However, you should also allow them to opt out from the review request messages in the future if they do not wish to share their views.

Importance of review request messages

Feedback from customers regarding your products and services is one of the best ways to improve on the quality of these. Happy customers are more than happy to provide reviews, but even the negative reviews teach you to better yourself. At the same time, most customers are happy to know that you give importance to their opinion.

Example WhatsApp message templates for review request messages

Hello Frist Name

WE noticed that you purchased two kitchen appliances (microwave oven and gas stove) from us. We will be happy to know your opinion about their performance. Please give us a rating from one star to five stars and a few lines about what you feel about our products. You candid opinion will help us improve to offer you better products and services in the future.

Birthday and Anniversary messages

Explanation of birthday an anniversary messages

Birthdays and anniversaries are important for every family and individual. In such a situation, if your customer receives a well-drafted happy birthday or happy anniversary message from you, they are sure to be thrilled.

Importance of birthday and anniversary messages

If you want your customers to feel valued and rate your services as par excellence then it is a good idea to send them automated birthday and anniversary messages. Everyone likes to be wished on such occasions and your customers will like it too. You should first take these details from them in the form which they fill to register into your ecommerce site and make sure that you wish them on the right dates.

Example of WhatsApp message templates for birthday and anniversary messages

Hi first Name,

Hey it’s your birthday today and we hope you have a whale of a time. Wish you a very happy birthday! You can check our latest ice creams and desserts to liven up the party. You can also order fast food items for your guests because on this one day you are allowed to not feel guilty about what you eat.

Recap of the 10 engaging WhatsApp automation message templates

Above you have seen 10 common WhatsApp templates which can enhance your sales and profits. Most importantly they will help you to earn the good will from your customers. Whether is the account information update, abandoned cart reminder, order confirmation, shipping notification, upsell and cross sell messages, loyalty and rewards messages, product recommendation, back in stock notification, review request messages, birthday and anniversary messages.

All these templates and more are available with companies dealing with AI powered automation tools. You can find these online and their websites mention which templates they provide along with an example.

Final thoughts on the importance of WhatsApp automation in ecommerce

Ecommerce has come a long way and nowadays the latest trend is to send WhatsApp messages to customers along with having chat conversations with them. The current trend is such that many people prefer to chat on this app rather than talk on the phone, this is why WhatsApp is becoming a common and popular tool for marketing and customer support. There is hardly any communication which you cannot carry out on WhatsApp and even the companies dealing in artificial intelligence, chatbots, work bots etc. have started taking notice of WhatsApp. They are now providing templates and other tools to use WhatasApp as your number 1 communication method.

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