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The world is still recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and we continue to witness mass digitization of business operations. Consumers are demanding a proactive and personalized way to engage with their favourite brands. The urgency to improve customer relationships while optimizing business operations is a priority especially right now. Moreover, consumers these days demand a digital agent that can provide answers quickly and efficiently!

How do you keep up with these business trends then?

Workbot, by Botspice, is an advanced AI virtual assistant your best bet when it comes to providing a solution in maintaining customer relationships in a personalized manner. Not just customer service, Workbots can also be used for HR process automation, customer support, customer care services, lead generation, creating a sales funnel and even digital marketing. 

But why Botspice?

  • Build a chatbot in an hour!

Yes, you heard it right. Creating a detailed and personalized chatbot is simple. With just a few clicks you can create a personality for your chatbot and publish it to your website, social media, WhatsApp/text messages and other platforms. Short of time? You can browse our ready-to-use templates and customize them further depending on the complexity of your function.

  • No additional cost of hosting, security, or maintenance

It is quite confusing for a business to keep up with ongoing maintenance, hosting, and managing costs. Moreover changing policies make it harder to cope with chatbot’s upkeep. With Botspice you eliminate such recurring fees for support or updates. This makes it easier to maintain the chatbot as well as reduce organisational operational costs once the chatbot is deployed. 

  • Easy to integrate on websites, social media, and WhatsApp

Running a push marketing campaign? What better than engaging your customers in the most accessible messaging tool? Apart from the usually available plug-ins like publish to websites, URLs, Facebook Messenger and Telegram, Workbots can easily integrate with WhatsApp, making it convenient to reach customers thus helping to build brand loyalty and enhance relationships.

  • Know your customer’s preferences and behaviors 

There is so much information that a business can process through a customer conversation. With Workbots, businesses can understand and extract metrics specific to their goals. The number of users, duration, time of conversation, mode of engagement, max completion rate, average completion, conversation completion rate are some of the real-time metrics that one can access.


 What makes Botspice unique?

  • No-code visual flow builder  

Botspice offers you a no-code platform wherein building a chatbot is easy and takes little to no effort. The creation and visual flow of conversations in a chatbot make it easier to revisit and edit conversations at any given point in time.

  • Enhance user experience using rich multimedia 

Make conversations more expressive and human-like with rich multimedia like GIFs, emojis, images and videos. A multimedia-rich chatbot is guaranteed to have more user engagement throughout the conversation as well as a higher chatbot completion rate.

  • Conduct live and interactive surveys 

Conduct surveys and understand user behaviour throughout the survey questionnaire with live tracking and analysis dashboard. Improve conversational flow by identifying points of friction during a conversation.

  • Conduct online exams/quizzes with live dashboard results

Instead of answering static questions, allow users to take tests and quizzes in a conversational manner. Get live insights of the test and provide feedback in real-time. 

  • Create Diverse Expressions

Avoid dead ends to a chatbot conversation and engage customers in customized built-in conversations that will allow your chatbot to train efficiently. In an event where the chatbot is unable to answer an intent, create the desired error message as well.

  • Build a network of chatbots 

Provide exceptional conversational experience to your customers by connecting one chatbot with other chatbots for better control and handling of chat conversations.

  • Calendar Sync

Set availability and allow customers to book appointments with our calendar feature. Schedule interviews, book appointments, confirm restaurant bookings and much more.

  • Integrate with CRMs

Seamlessly integrate Botspice with your favorite tools and platforms to track events and capture real-time activities. Automate and simplify processes, enhance user experience while accessing data faster.

  • Integrate with third-party systems

Botspice can integrate workbots to your company’s database or any third-party system and broaden data fetching with accuracy and efficiency.

  • Documents & Data assistance

Receive documents along with client information and map them in folders that can be pulled up immediately when required.

  • Highly efficient NLP

A well-tailored chatbot response can be set up with NLP algorithms. This ensures more human-like conversations with the chatbots. It allows you to analyze, comprehend human language and generate the most desirable results. 

  • OTP access verification for enhanced security and functionality

Security is critical, and keeping data safe is a priority. Workbots can authenticate users with an OTP verification sent across on their email addresses and cell phones. 

For example, if you interact with a bank chatbot and are requesting the chatbot to provide bank details. To verify your identity the chatbot will request your email id and send it across an OTP. Not just security, the access verification can also be used to enhance the chatbot functionality. 

  • User access notification

Access administrative privileges and get notified about successful chatbot logins. Get to know when users interact with your chatbots. Get specific details like the name of the user, mode of access, time, total conversation duration, number of views and also the time of access. 

  • Form template for easy information generation

Workbots can gather information by generating a form template on the chatbot. For example, in a medical hospital setting where patient information needs to be filled out. Rather than asking for the information individually, one can use the form template to gather responses from people.

  • Run email marketing campaigns 

Inform, drive sales and create an identity for your brand by running marketing campaigns. Easily update your database and push a campaign through Workbot without having to rely on any other messaging platform.

Still, thinking whether you should consider Botspice to create a chatbot?

Botspice provides you with ready access to NLP tools and technologies to design and train your own Digital Assistant.


Workbot takes away the effort of coding and building your brain to drive the conversation. It allows you to modify the workflow and deploy your workbot in minimal time. If you are curious to learn more, reach out to our expert and start your journey with a workbot.

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