How to use WhatsApp chatbots for lead generation

In order to improve future sales, lead creation involves engaging the interest of potential consumers. It is an essential step in many businesses’ sales processes. Years ago businesses used to purchase cold call lists and make random calls to encourage unknown customers to engage in business with them.

However, nowadays lead generation is based on finding and targeting the right customer base. The again businesses make a lot of effort to increase brand awareness so that the interested customers show interest if they want to opt for your products or services. If you use the right technology (WhatsApp chatbots) for lead generation, then you will be making proper use of your time and resources.

WhatsApp chatbots

In the recent times WhatsApp Business, has grown into a full-fledged business tool that does many tasks including lead generation. It has proven to be more flexible and comfortable compared to other apps and methods.

Instant messaging is WhatsApp’s primary component. Because of this, WhatsApp has no trouble implementing conversational marketing strategies. Customer service is made more practical by the integration of WhatsApp and AI Chatbots.

 In fact, according to Morning Consultant’s reports, 80% of SMEs are utilizing WhatsApp and chatbot integration to their advantage to increase leads and sales. You can easily onboard your prospects by providing them with the WhatsApp solutions they require.

Setting up WhatsApp chatbot for lead generation

Choosing a chatbot builder

If you are looking for a chatbot building company that will take care of all your requirements for creating a reliable WhatsApp chatbot platform for you, then you need only connect with the staff of Botspice on their website. Of course, there are other chatbot builders as well, but Botspice has made a mark on this market in a very short time. This is because of its customized services for which they first of all study your business and the psyche of the target audience.

Integrating the chatbot with WhatsApp

This is a little technical and you should simply take the help of the company that has built your chatbot for WhatsApp. The first thing you need to do is sign up for Botspice account and create a new chatbot. Then connect the chatbot and WhatsApp Business API, for which you need to take permission from WhatsApp to use the API. Test the bot and make sure it is working fine, and once you are satisfied you can deploy it on WhatsApp and start engaging with customers.

Defining the chatbot’s purpose and audience

This in fact should be done before you even start building a chatbot. There are many ways with which you can appeal to your target audience. Graphics, engaging text content and other methods can be used according to the purpose of the bot and its target audience.

Creating a chat flow that prompts visitors for information

This can be done with the help of artificial intelligence in combination with human effort. It is possible to connect machine learning enabled bots with WhatsApp and ensure that you send you target audience such content that it ignites interest in them and encourages them to connect giving you a sales lead.

Personalizing the bot’s message and tone

Personalization is the key quality that customers look for in any marketing attempt made by a business. It is by far the most important and you should make sure of this by using the first name of the consumer and other personal information like their birthday or anniversary.

Using the WhatsApp chatbot for lead generation

Engaging with website visitors and initiating conversation

If you are aiming at generating leads through WhatsApp chatbots then you already have a website and the best method of using this system is to link your WhatsApp chatbot to your website. This will allow you to get into a conversation with the target audience who visit your website and create an interest about your products and services.

Gathering information from visitors, like name and email address

This too can be done with all visitors to your website, you can ask the visitors their names and whether or not they will be happy to receive emails or converse on any other platform.

Using the chatbot to qualify leads by asking relevant questions

You can program your chatbot with the help of machine learning and AI to ask the leads relevant questions which can identify them as your probable customers. Make sure not to infringe upon their privacy and take their permission before engaging in conversation. These aspects can be easily programed into your chatbot.

Providing relevant information to visitors based on their needs

The main aspect to keep in mind about information is that it is useful only if it is relevant to a consumer’s needs. There is no point trying to sell something to a person who does not need it. Hence, the visitor to your website will be interested only in something that he or she needs and you need to gauge these needs in the beginning of the conversation itself.

Nurturing leads by sending follow-up messages and promotional offers

If someone has shown interest in your product or service, then you should make it a point to provide them information about the benefits that you can offer them. Remember that a customer who has made a purchase may be interested in more of your products so keep them in the loop with follow-up messages and offers. This will make the customer feel cared for and hence they will be one notch closer to becoming loyal to your brand.

Best practices for WhatsApp chatbot lead generation

Ensuring that the chatbot is user friendly and easy to navigate

This is true of any system that you choose to connect with your consumer and provide them information about how your business can be useful to them. Everyone in the market has become aware of the benefits of having a user friendly and easy to navigate website and the same applies to chatbots too.

Providing clear and concise information to visitors

This is essential so that the visitors don’t feel flooded with information that confuses them. With the help of AI and machine learning the bots can be programed to remember the information about the needs and preferences of the visitors. In case the information is not already present in the data base (the visitor is new), then the customer should be asked about their requirements and then given the information regarding how you can help them.

Avoiding spammy messages and maintaining a conversational tone

This is extremely important, because if your visitors and target customers get spammy messages from you, they will simply shut you out. Hence program your WhatsApp chatbot in such a way that the messages don’t impinge on the privacy of your leads and they get the information that they require.

Personalizing the chatbot’s responses to build trust and rapport

There is much that we hear about personalization of promotional conversations with target customers. We have already discussed the importance of personalization, and you should remember to enable your chatbot to personalization with the help of machine learning. Addressing the consumer by their name, remembering their special days, and wishing them on festivals is a great method of personalizing your conversation with your customers. This will make them feel special and valued

Monitoring the chatbot’s performance and making necessary adjustments

Bear in mind that the chatbot is a machine (software) and will need proper monitoring. One of the best methods of doing this is asking your customers their view about how good your system is. This will not only give you inklings to what more you need to do with your bot, but will also make the customer feel valued.


As we have seen there are many benefits of using chatbots for lead generation. The entire process can be automated, because once the visitor reaches your website, and engages in conversation with your chatbot, you can easily ask them questions about what they are looking for and how your company can help them. However, refrain from getting too aggressive to sell your wares to the consumer.

With the help of WhatsApp chatbot you can engage in a personalized conversation with the target customers. This task becomes even easier with the help of machine learning enabled chatbots linked to your WhatsApp Business account. If you provide the facility of WhatsApp chatbot to your target customers then the effort that they have to make to get the necessary information is reduced to a great extent while convenience is increased. It also boosts engagement and leverage analytics.

If you are still unsure about using chatbots in your marketing endeavors then all you need to do is ask for a demo on the Botspice official website. You will be able to see for yourself all the benefits that we have already discussed in this article. Even if you conduct a short and simple survey you will get the feedback pointing towards the increasing popularity of WhatsApp chatbots among the consumers on the whole. Hence you should quickly make the decision to adopt chatbots to take up your marketing and lead generating strategies so that you remain closer to your consumers and create brand loyalty in them.

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