Fed up with Scripted Chatbot Conversations? Fix it with a ‘Brain’

Have you ever interacted with a chatbot that frustrated you with its rigid conversation structure and irrelevant responses? This is because it is fully scripted, leaving you with no choice but to click on fixed response buttons to receive further irritating throwback responses.

Want to create a smart chatbot? The secret lies in creating a “Brain” with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability to go with it. A chatbot with a “brain”, we call it “Workbot“.

What is NLP?

Simply put, NLP is an element of AI that seeks to improve communication between humans and computers by helping the latter read and understand natural human language. It relates thoughts, language and patterns of behaviour learned through experience to specific outcomes.

NLP primarily focuses on continual learning to become more intelligent. It is this self learning ability that increases its effectiveness over time. 

Build Workbots with NLP capability to increase engagement

An intelligent Workbot is one that is capable of handling any conversation with ease. And a well developed “brain” (NLP) can add a suave and sassy “personality” to a Workbot. These two components contribute to the #1 factor for increasing customer engagement

All said and done, a Workbot with a suave and sassy personality gives your customers an experience close to talking with a vivacious character thus creating a positive and memorable experience at various customer journey touch points.

BOTSPICE simplifies the “Brain” work to give your Workbot a personality

BOTSPICE takes away the sweat and labour of building your desired “brain” to support your Workbot conversation. With pre designed NLP functions, you can get your “brain” up and running quickly without any sort of coding. The “personality” that exudes from the “brain” responses, coupled with the interactive and flexibly arranged Workbot conversation will enthrall your customers and keep them connected in any conversation.

Build Workbots with “brains”


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