Top 10 Ways To Enhance Guest Experience In The Hotel Business

When we discuss the hospitality industry, only 2 key words rule the game ‘guest experience’ and ‘customer service’. Enhancing guest experience and providing them with the best facilities is the core drive of this business. A hotelier always strives to provide great service to each guest. Yet, with so many players in the industry, one cannot stop at being just good. For customer retention your guest experience must elevate from ‘nice’ to ‘absolutely amazing’ and ‘truly unforgettable’. Here follows a few tools and ways that can help you carve a niche in your esteemed clientele.


The crux of success in the hotel industry lies in personalization. There are tools for customizing the experience of the guests.


CRS or central reservation system helps to manage the portfolio of the hotel to manage and ease reservations. The guests will be aware of the facilities and amenities they can get from the hotel. This will make the customer feel valued.


CRM or customer relationship management helps the business understand the requirement of the customers and what they are prone to consume. The tool helps read the demand of a group or individual guests. They can then use the data to upscale their business and promote the services that will be most helpful.

Smart room technology

In the hospitality industry, amenities are the key to a successful business. High-profile hotels are using smart keys, remote-operated lights, and much more to provide their customers with the best business.  Smart keys will enable customers open doors with their smartphones. There is no scope for the key to getting lost. Add optional amenities that are extra for the room and let them select what they want for their stay. The guests will appreciate it if they can message the staff for any service with their smartphones instead of the room telephone or bell. 94% of business travelers find it useful. Around 80% of the travelers on holiday will also prefer this option.

Take a step ahead in this direction with Botspice smart technology and elevate the hotel and guest interaction to another level of sophistication and convenience.  With Botspice the guests can not only access the menu and make orders with their own devices but can also book any service, customize requests and do much more without waiting for human interaction.

Hotel Website

A guest becomes a customer before he or she arrives at the facility. It is important to have a hotel website that is interactive, and easy to navigate and make a booking. To further enhance guest experience, you can leverage Botspice virtual assistant. It interacts with the guest in their preferred language, simplifies fast check in, check out process, hotel related queries and register pre arrival requests. Besides contact less check in and check out, it will also help with client hygiene awareness and health declaration form. The pointers can easily be edited as per the current norms.

Reward-Based Program

Hotel businesses run on review. Good reviews should fetch a reward if the guest visits the facility again. An additional discount, one complimentary meal for the room, or an upgrade can be a great reward for the guests. Customers mention the excess facilities in their reviews. while a bad review can impact the price of the room and reduce booking by 25% a good review with details of the facilities can easily do the opposite. Ask happy customers to share testimonials and reviews on Google, and the hotel website and add a rating for your property.

Create a facility for all

It is important to treat every customer in the special way that wants to be treated. Customers with disability and age-related problems should get some special attention and services that may be required. 9.3% of the world population are elderly and this no is going to rise further in coming years. voice-operated booking system, mobile boarding facilities, and AI-powered reservation tool is the new way in the hospitality industry. Technology is the key to success in all the mentioned dimensions of the hospitality business. Bot spice helps you with,

Responsive service

Hotel booking

Customized offers

Bilateral communication

Keep your facility clean and hygienic

No matter how thoughtful you become to greet and personalize the experience for your customers, nothing beats a clean and hygienic living space. The rooms and toilets should be neat and clean. You should take special care of the hygiene and may offer some free goodies like sanitizer and more. Not only the rooms, but the common areas should also be well maintained, and you should take good care of the lobby and the reception as well. Your clients will notice and leave you good feedback.

Offer complimentary goodies

Complementary goodies can complement a hotel business well. Make sure to keep bath soap or body wash, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, body oil, and moisturizer in your free goodies. Add customized brand bags for the goodies to add that extra oomph. Brand building in hospitality goes a long way. Businesses can build a loyal clientele with brand promotion. This is much less costly than marketing and the word of mouth can make the business go a long way.

Free wi-fi connection

The generation today cannot move a little without their gadgets. You can always facilitate them with superb wi-fi connectivity. No matter how big or how small your property is, make sure you have a strong enough wi-fi connection that can be used by anyone in the hotel. Make sure that the signal reaches every room. If your guests are young, they will need a strong wi-fi connection. Some people may even have to work while on vacation and some people may have to call others. Wi-fi connection has become a big deal in the hospitality industry. You can enhance the guest experience in hotels with a stronger internet connection.

24/7 availability

The customer service of the hotel industry should not be bound by time. 24/7 customer service is a must either by human or interactive voice communication service. It should be easy for the guests to register a complaint and get instant solutions while staying on the property. A 24/7 reception desk goes a long way even for a small business. It can be an automated system like Botspice – customer service solution where guests can get answer to most of their queries through an AI based automated system or simply register their requirements. The automated process will send the command to the respective department and give a resolution. The all-day round service is also mandatory for pre-booking and post-booking, arrival, check-in, and checkout, Botspice virtual assistant fills in for extra staff and works 24 / 7 towards guest satisfaction.

Partner up with local vendors

Hotel industry is about providing a fabulous experience to the clients. Get connected to other facilities in the area for food and site seeing through your hotel management app to improve the guest experience in the hotel. Provide the clients with an all-inclusive app that they can use to book rides, book a banquet, a ticket to museums or any other attraction of the city, and order food online. This adds to the experience of the guests and increases the ROI.

Improving guest experience in hotels through hospitality is the motto of the smart hotelier. It is not just about renting a room but selling the whole experience of the stay. The service industry is moving towards high-grade technology and hotels cannot stay behind. Technology can be used in every segment to make the experience better for customers. Here are the reasons why a smart hotelier invests in technology to enhance the guest experience.

  • Guests are the most efficient marketing tool for the future. A satisfied guest is double the marketing value and yields more ROI for the business. A detailed review of services can earn more returns for the business.
  • Hotel brands that are well established today, offer something special to their guest. By giving them what they want from the hotel experience, brand-building becomes possible.
  • A bad review can hamper your business more than you can imagine. Your overall revenue can decrease by 25% due to a bad review. You will not only lose revenue, but you will also lose your reputation and no of guests.

Get BotSpice for Better Business:

Great hospitality is the only way to survive in the hotel industry. Commendable hospitality today is not only about being nice, keeping the place clean, and providing amenities. It is also about incorporating technology as a smart move in all processes of the hotel. Hotel management software like BotSpice helps in managing reservations, and staff jobs and fetches data that can be used later to improve the experience of the customers. BotSpice is an AI-powered robotic tool that automates the whole system of the hotel business. It is handy, easy to install and it has the goodness of all hotel software in one place. Numerous hoteliers are using this tool to improve efficiency in their business.

With a hotel management tool, managing a hotel, its customers and staff becomes easy. Automation is the key to a successful business and so is communication through the right channel. Invest in the right tool to improve the guest experience in the hotel.

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